Airbnb Diaries – Chapel on the Hill

Our first glimpse at the Chapel on the Hill is a sight that I won’t forget. After an hours journey from the M6 through the countryside of the Yorkshire Dales and North Pennines AONB, we finally reached a hidden turn-off. Following the road up, we arrive at the stunning property, which, like the name says, is on the top of a secluded hill. The weather; foggy and rainy, had closed in, creating the eeriest sight, but inside the Chapel was quite the opposite.

The Chapel on the Hill, a former Methodist chapel converted to boutique standards, is probably the best place I have stayed on Airbnb. It combines luxurious comforts with a simple country getaway – my dream! Phone signal barely exists here, so it’s a needed escape from the real world. The interiors are stunning. Modern bedrooms with en suites, a gorgeous kitchen and lounge complete with a welcome hamper of delicious treats, a piano and reading nook.

The weather while we were there was pretty atrocious, but it didn’t stop us exploring the local area and grounds.

We trekked the lane and fields around the chapel, drove to the nearby High Force Falls, which was gorgeous! We also had a day out to Barnard Castle and frequented the pubs in Middleton-in-Tees.

If you’re looking for the perfect country getaway the Chapel on the Hill is ideal. Bunker down indoors living in luxury or roam the surrounding beauty – there’s something here for everyone.

Liv x

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